Television is a powerful communication media, utilised by many different industries to suit their individual needs. Lighthouse Digital Productions focuses on digital-out-of-home networks, and the benefits they offer. Every system we operate is personalised to suit the needs of the venue and is displayed on large screens in prominent positions throughout the venue.

Every screen in our network is supplied, installed and maintained by Lighthouse Digital TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE and all content is created and updated regularly for the venue by our in-house design team. By allowing local and national businesses to sponsor the channel, venues are able to enjoy all of these benefits without the costs that such a system would normally incur.

Lighthouse Digital provides systems to a range of venues, and continues to expand its network with both national chains and independent businesses. The types of business range from Building & Hardware Suppliers and Hospitals to Kids Play Centres.

Although every venue has its own bespoke video content - created by Lighthouse Digital's in-house design team, the TV systems objectives are constant across the network.

Engage & Inform The content on the screens is designed to be current, relevant and eye-catching. Content is included to encourage clients to view the screens, such as news, weather and sports.

Your Channel, Your Products The majority of on-screen content is dedicated to promoting the venue itself and aims to generate enquiries and increase in-store sales.

Building Brand Awareness In addition to showcasing a venues products & services, Lighthouse Digital believes that brand awareness is key to any long term marketing strategy.

Real-time Communication Our unique message boards allow the Venue to update information as often as they feel necessary. This is a powerful tool, as it allows the venue to communicate with clientele as they are in the store. For example, Building Supply Centres might update the message board with daily offers. Hospitals might update the board with informative notices that otherwise would be placed on the wall.

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